During the Coaching Process I apply INTEGRATIVE COACHING, embracing the most cutting edge methodologies of my wide-scale Coaching Tools and fusing them with my long years experience in order to be able to tailor them to the Coachee’s needs:

  1. Personal Development Card Game (developed by me)

  2. Neuroscientific Tools, e.g Neurosculpting

  3. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  4. Soft-skills Development

  5. Systems Thinking

  6. Shadow Coaching

  7. Strategic Intervention (Tony Robbins)

  8. Giraffe Language (Marshall Rosenberg)

  9. Pat Parelli communication

  10. The Work (Byron Katie)

  11. Painbody (Echart Tolle)

  12. Autogenic Training, Bineural Beats

  13. Subliminal Messages (Milton Erickson)

  14. Matrix Reimprinting

  15. Energy Medicine, e.g. The Healing Code

  16. Somatic Representations

  17. Spacial Representations

  18. Transgenerational Epigenetic Healing

  19. Moving Therapy, Psycho-fittness

  20. Psychobox

  21. Provocative Style

  22. etc.